About Us

About Us

Meet The Fit Couple 

Hello health conscious people!! Come on in and meet the names & faces behind the Modern Diet Revolution. 

Check out who we are, what we do and why we do it!

You’re looking at two professionals who are down-to earth and love eating healthy, drinking green smoothies and overall being fit!

As for our name, we believe this style that we have adopted over the years is the BEST way to stay healthy, active and the “modern” way to eat. 

Ryan and Cara selfie stickBehold! Our awesome selfie stick skills

So, see that strapping young fellow with the big grin on his face? That’s yours truly. My name is Ryan and I am a Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist…mouthful right? Just wait there’s more. I love being active and I am a huge foodie (believe it or not, I indulge from time to time as well). Best part? While doing what I love, I just happened to find my soulmate, Cara, when I was personal training on the side about two years ago! She even introduced me to a pint-sized ball of energy I love just as much, her amazing son, Hudson! Hence…HUGE grin!

Cara and I started this blog because we both shared a huge passion for helping others get in the best shape of their lives in the simplest ways possible. We decided to share our experiences and lifestyle with the world, so here we are!

 Hello everyone! My name is Cara and I work full-time in Marketing and I love it! Like Ryan said, we met at the gym when I signed up for personal training and hit it off from day one. We both shared a passion for fitness, good food, and fun, so it was a natural fit. We spend a lot of our free time kayaking at the springs, finding new things to do in the area, and eating. We love to eat. Our weakness is all of the delicious local Chinese food restaurants in Orlando. Hudson’s weakness is chicken nuggets, lol. Hence why we are constantly making green smoothies and juices… 80/20 people, 80/20.

We have a lot of exciting things happening this year. On top of starting up Modern Diet Revolution, we are planning OUR WEDDING and moving into our FIRST HOME! Busy is an understatement, but we are so pumped for our future AND for our MDR families future! We hope you continue to grow with us as Modern Diet Revolution continues to grow. 


Date nightOur Date Night

What’s Really Important

We do this because we are young, ambitious and we truly believe that by helping one person at a time we can truly make an impact on society! Hudson is 7 now and we strive to feed his mind, body and spirit as fitfully as we do our own. It’s the fulfilling full-time job that we both cherish more than anything in the world. 

Still want to know more?

A few more fun facts about things we enjoy:

  • Outdoor activities…sign us up!
  • Trips to the farmers market & New Restaurants
  • Playing sports (especially volleyball)
  • Being lazy – downtime is just as important FYI
  • Love creating green smoothies and taking beautiful pictures 
  • Love relaxing on the beach!

We also jump at water activities such as kayaking in Florida’s awesome springs, camping, horseback riding, and various extreme sports. We try to do it all and we love it.Ryan and Cara at BB game

Basically, our life consists of being on the go and non-stop. We like staying as busy as possible and enjoying the gift of a happy, healthy life. Kick back and join us as our journey unfolds with the start of the Modern Diet Revolution.


Here come the sum-ups…

Simply put, we broke down the reason why we blog and share our experiences:

  • We love cooking together in the kitchen and making smoothies
  • To show you guys how easy it is to change your current lifestyle
  • Motivate people to eat a sound and nutritious diet and show simplistic ways of eating and getting your GREENS in. 
  • To pave the way for people interested in starting a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.

With companies nowadays always trying to deceive us through their clever so-called “Healthy Slogans”, we all need to recognize the difference between truth and capitalism. They can be fake and we are here to keep it completely real with you guys and be as transparent as possible.

If you are trying to eat healthier and improve your sense of self-worth with the help of food and exercise, then let us be your guiding light. Pull up a seat and relax, we’ve got every angle covered.