8 Pro Tips To Elevate Your Fitness Game


Combine cardio with strength training, don’t skip those big lifts, and lift to failure. These are just a few of the secrets to training success our team of top experts share with you. You’ve been hitting the gym and seeing great results. But now you want more. Curious about how the pros get and stay […]

Have you ever experienced low energy from cutting carbs?


When it comes to dieting nothing gets shunned upon worse than carbs. There has been rumors that if you’re looking to stay lean or get trim you should only eat carbohydrates in the morning. Though this may be true, typically when you cut carbs out entirely you tend to feel more drained. At least for awhile. […]

October: Growth & Traffic Report


Welcome to the second installment of our Growth & Traffic Report! Every month starting now, we will be publishing and outlining major happenings that are taking place on the MDR site. We plan to show you a behind the scenes look into what a fitness blog entails and how its growing. Lastly we will include some […]

Caloric Intake and Balance


Protein: Responsible for repairing damaged and broken down tissue in the body (this happens to muscle fibers when working out). Eating enough protein also helps to maintain satiety. Carbohydrates: aka. as evil food but couldn’t be farther from the truth. Carbs are the bodies #1 choice of fuel and needs an appropriate amount to function […]

The Top 5 Exercises you NEED to do for a Perky Booty


When it come to building a nice round perky booty, there are a few things you need to know.  1). Genetics definitely play a role in how your glutes are shaped.  2.) Your glutes are among one of the largest muscle groups in the entire body, so yes you can shape them.  3.) Nutrition plays a […]

2 TBSP of Butter In My Coffee? Is This Healthy?


  Coffee  Butter Saturated fat… Whats not to love about this combination? This article is going to dive into what I think about Bulletproof Coffee and if its something that I recommend for people. As a bonus I list what my “Perfect Slow-Carb” Breakfast is.  After all 83% of Americans drink coffee on a regular […]